Road race has advertised Okpekpe – LGA Secretary

The 10Km Road Race that began in 2013 in Okpekpe, Edo State has positively advertised the community, the Secretary to the Etsako Local Government Area has said.

 According to Benedicta Attoh, before the marathon started, the people of Okpekpe used to say they hailed from Auchi, the headquarters of the old Etsako Local Government Area and now Etsako West simply because of the remoteness of the community and lack of a tarred road.

Attoh, who spoke on Thursday, said that the indigenes now proudly tell people within and outside the country that they are from Okpekpe. Their listeners, she said, now quickly get the gist because the road race has etched the community’s name in the memory of the majority.

She said, “Their belief was that Okpekpe was very remote and nobody knew where such a village was located.”

 “But because of the advent of the road race, Okpekpe indigenes a re now very proud to tell you they are from Okpekpe. This is because they know that majority of Nigerians and even the international community now know where Okpekpe is.”