The Okpekpe Road Race invites world-class runners from around the world in a tradition to intermix local recreational and up and coming runners with the best of the best. Invitation extended to all CAA Member Federations, all military and para-military have sent in entries

Race Name Okpekpe Road Race
Date & Time Saturday, May 12, 2018
Starting Time 6:00 am
Participating countries Kenya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Israel, Bahrain , Morocco  and Nigeria .
Course The Okpekpe Road Race starts in Apana Road and ends in Okpekpe, Edo State.

Okpekpe is famous for its position on the hill top in the Edo North Senatorial district and its huge agricultural and investment potential and quite a suitable tourism destination.

Distance 10 Kilometres over hills and tarred Roads
Competition Rules The races will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the IAAF and AFN .
IAAF Road Race Label Regulations also apply to the Okpekpe Road Race 2016 which has been certified by the IAAF as a Bronze Label road race.
 Elite Athlete Management
Expected Number of Participants 3,000 Runners
Eligibility Must have been duly registered, passed medical test and sign the waiver
Entry Fee  FREE
Application How to Apply
1. Online Registration :  Click HERE to Fill the Entry form2. Manual Entry :Option 1 – Download the Registration form (Pdf) ,Complete the form, scan and  submit as attachment to this email ( here to Download the ENTRY FORM (PDF)Option 2 – Pick-up a Registration form from the address below , Complete and submit .

    AFN Office or call Olumide on 08033215200
    Nigerian Olympian Association Office
    Edo State Sport Council or Mario Osifo on 08073603811

All International Elite Athlete only to apply for registration through Elite Athlete Manager 


Deadline of Entry / Application Period
International Athletes : 1st of May 2018

Entry form and other documents must be received by the deadline date and entries mailed after the deadline date will not be accepted.

Registration for the 2018 Okpekpe Road Race will end 5th of  May, 2018.

Screening and Accreditation
Athletes are expected to arrive as from 9th May 2017 to begin the processes of screening and accreditation.

Medical Certification
We insist that athletes must complete the authentic application forms with duly certified medical report before confirmation can be given.
We will also carry out own medical tests on all the athletes before accepting them to run.

Final Registration
/Number Card Pick-Up Centers
Final Registration and Number Pick up starts on Wednesday, May 9th to May 11th , 2018 from 7:30 a.m. at Yak Hotel (Auchi, Benin Road)
Prize Money Financial prizes would be given to 8 people who come tops in the race and top 5 Nigerian Athletes

    • Prizes for Men
    • Prizes for Women

Payment of prize money only for invited athletes and Nigerians (mention and announce Tax or no tax)

Travel and Lodging We will be able to provide local travel, Hotel & board for invited IAAF Label athletes in Edo State.

Payment of travel for all invited athletes, appearance only for top performances

Please do not bring unexpected guests as we can not house spouses, coaches, friends without prior arrangement.

For information on hotel and travel accommodations for the 2017 Okpekpe Road Race, please call  *******

  • Conceptualised as a way of promoting distance and endurance related races for our athletes.
  • Could pass for high altitude high performance training for our athletes.Gradient is about 1:3
  • It is a chance to make our local community have a first hand feel of hosting an international event while enjoying some of the economic benefit that could come with it.
  • To showcase the excellent standard of infrastructure that has been provided by the Govt of Edo State led by the Comrade Governor.
  • Security/Logistics arrangements in terms of reception at Port of Entry for International athletes
  • Transport to Benin City and onward to competition venue as well as accommodation/security have being worked out and being fine-tuned.
  • Please contact the Nigerian Immigration Office in your various place of residence.
Privacy Policy 1. The organizer and co-organizer observe all applicable laws concerning privacy protection and the handling of personal information. The collected data will be used for race eligibility screening, the making and updating of program booklet and the official website, publicizing race finishing times. Furthermore, these data will serve as contact information for the race management headquarters.

2. The race may broadcast on television and stream as Internet video.

3. The moving images, photograph, articles, and the personal records of the race may be used in the advertising materials such as booklets and posters, and be placed in the media such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and Internet.The organizers, co-organizers, and any organizer-approved third party may execute it for promotional and race management purposes.

Important Notes The organizer will not provide any pre-medical checkup.
All participants must take personal responsibility for their own personal health condition. It is strongly recommended that each participant undergoes a medical check prior to the race of their own accord.The organizer will administer first aid to those participants who display discomfort or sickness or who incur injuries during the race, but no responsibility will be taken for any subsequent treatment.Doping control is conducted under IAAF Anti-Doping Regulations or AFN Anti-Doping Regulations.
The organizer will collect either a blood sample, urine sample or both, in order to conduct a dope test, before or after the race. According to instructions, the applicable person must undergo this test.Athletes who are required to take prohibited substances or methods written in the Prohibited List to treat an illness must apply TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemptions).The details can be checked from World Anti-Doping Agency’s website. event will be operated in compliance with all domestic laws and regulations.