The organizer will not provide any pre-medical checkup.
All participants must take personal responsibility for their own personal health condition. It is strongly recommended that each participant undergoes a medical check prior to the race of their own accord.

The organizer will administer first aid to those participants who display discomfort or sickness or who incur injuries during the race, but no responsibility will be taken for any subsequent treatment.Doping control is conducted under IAAF Anti-Doping Regulations or AFN Anti-Doping Regulations.

The organizer will collect either a blood sample, urine sample or both, in order to conduct a dope test, before or after the race. According to instructions, the applicable person must undergo this test.Athletes who are required to take prohibited substances or methods written in the Prohibited List to treat an illness must apply TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemptions).

The details can be checked from World Anti-Doping Agency’s website. event will be operated in compliance with all domestic laws and regulations.